Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rosedale Ride 2009

The 15th Annual Rosedale Ride!

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

The Rosedale Ride is an annual bike ride benefiting Rosedale School, the Austin Independent School District's only school for children with multiple disabilities.

I know for a fact that the hills training we did last week helped me to be strong today in the cold and blistering winds. Despite the cold and wind, this ride was much easier than Bastrop's Pedal Through The Pines. Best of all was the volunteers. They had people lined up everywhere guiding and supporting the cyclists. At one rest stop they had kids running up to us saying "You want me to hold your bike sir?" By far the best volunteers I have ever seen on any ride.

I ran into a few people I know including Eric, Catie's boyfriend who was with his brother and father. I hope I can keep up with my kids in 10 plus years like Eric's dad. They flew past me in the last 7 miles.

At the very first rest stop I got some mud stuck in my left cleat and I'm pretty sure that is what caused the extreme knee pain I experienced at the tail end of the ride. (last 10 miles) I'm reading up on it now. I don't know but it sounds like I need to go in for another fitting.

I have been kind of sick this week. The one thing I am sure of right now is that my body is dead tired. Another 63 miles clocked and the training continues. I have fallen asleep three times since I got home and I am ready to get to bed again. Good night!

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  1. Sounds like this was a great ride Carle. Best I've ever had was cheerleaders cheering at the finish line. I read your last post on the hill training too, and I think once my ankle is 100%, I will take your advice and hit some glacier hills here in WI. Hope you feel better. Get some rest man. Later.