Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dam Ride Last Saturday

Kevin and I are still training for the Tour de Cure. Last Saturday we elected to do hills and not little ones but a big dam hill. For those of you who do not recognize the scene, this is Highway 620 that leads down to the dam by the lake. As I was taking this photo I could feel the bike picking up speed quickly and the wind was rushing at me. I would be lying if I said I wasn't afraid when putting my phone back in my jersey. You do not want to go down this hill with only one hand on the bars.

"A casual spin around the neighborhood may be an excellent recovery workout, but to challenge the cardiovascular system and reach peak fitness, you have to invest a little more energy. As with running, that means quality workouts like tempo rides, intervals, and hills."

"Short, high-intensity, steep climbs will raise your anaerobic threshold and give you that “top end” for tough sections on the mountain bike or particularly steep climbs when out road cycling."

We only clocked 50 miles but it was a great ride. We even stopped at a little taco stand in Lakeway, between the drive thru beer barn and the fireworks store.... And James claims that there is no culture in this part of town. Bah! Anyway, note to all, greasy barbacoa tacos are better than any energy bar out there.

The Steiner Ranch and Lakeway areas are very hilly and we got a great workout. In fact, I am certain that this workout will be a tremendous help in future rides. No one wants weak legs. =)

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