Sunday, January 4, 2009

It does not feel like January!

Lake-1.jpgKevin took me on another tour this morning. I was still sore from my 2 days of boot camp and he was not feeling 100%. We weren't certain about our route but Williamson County has so many options we just agreed to avoid the dam. I love the flat and pretty scenes so Kevin took me through Avery Ranch out to Sam Bass Road and Brushy Creek.

He told me more about his planned route from Austin to Lubbock. 400 miles in 4 days! As he mentioned all of the West Texas towns that I remember fondly from Barn-house.jpgmy college days, I started to reminisce. And then as we rode past multi-acre lots covered in brown grass I felt as if I was already there. It was beautiful. Sure we're training for long back to back 80 mile rides and we should include hills and intervals in our workouts but this January 3rd, 2009 with the temperature around 80 degrees, a steady 15 mph pace for 35 miles is exactly what I needed.

We made two quick stops to eat our snacks, my Clif Bar and Kevin's homemade healthy brownie concoction that no one else in his family will eat. Brushy-Creek.jpgFor those of you thinking that making 2 stops during a 35 mile ride is pretty weak, I have yet to tell you about the winds. If you have read my other entries from this winter then you know what it can be like and it always seems to happen on the way home too. The sun was out and the temperature was wonderful but those darn wind gusts blowing right in our faces as we travel up the smallest of hills was enough to drain me every time.

Well I am off to bed. Sweet dreams and goodnight. Kevin, thanks again for the ride and I look forward to reading the Lance Armstrong book you bought me.

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