Saturday, December 20, 2008

37 miles: Kevin Rhodes

Kevin-Curving.jpgI always enjoy riding with my karate buddy Kevin. Instead of traveling the same roads I normally ride, he takes me on a tour of Williamson County. Kevin is from Lubbock, about my age, enjoys cycling, karate, loves his family, and God so we get along great. Today he got me lost down some Country Road and getting lost in the country is one of my favorite things to do when cycling.

We have decided to enter the Tour de Cure together in May. 80 miles on Saturday followed by 80 miles on Sunday. The Tour benefits The American Diabetes Association. I still need to register, create a donation page and maybe make some custom jerseys. That would be cool. My boss, Jane, has asked me to design some AlphaGraphics cycling jerseys so that works out nicely. A little advertising with our fundraising. Kevin created a spreadsheet for us to train by and that's perfect for me. I loved the spreadsheet that Patsy created for the Aldrete Family Fitness Challenge because nothing motivates me more than documenting my successes......and money.default

I will keep you posted on our progress. My friend Mark Callahan has been very involved in the Tour de Cure. If anyone wants their company to sponsor a great team, let me know and I can put you in touch with Mark. He is going all out!

Have a great weekend.


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