Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Indoor Training

defaultHey, I wanted to show off my latest and most likely last fitness equipment investment. (a Christmas present to myself) Now. I cannot use my rollers when I am sleepy because it's just too dangerous. All too often my chance to workout comes when it's late and the kids are in bed and at that point I too am usually ready for bed. Anyway, I bought me a nice trainer on Craigslist. It took me a little while to dial it in right - but thank God for the internet because I found other people who couldn't get this thing to operate correctly at first but were nice enough to share their advice on what finally worked. The problem is usually with tension and tire pressure so I bought a metal quick release skewer for the rear wheel, inflated my rear tire to 120psi, added more resistance to the trainer and now it rides smooth and I am as happy as can be. Well I might like a TV in the room where I workout but that's okay because I have my iPod and some heart pumping podcasts. I strongly suggest not listening to talk podcasts while on a trainer. (a quick trip to Snoozetown)

Sweet Dreams!

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