Thursday, October 9, 2008

True Fitness!

defaultAnd I was worried about working out at the hotel....HA! I really thought that it would be too easy and I'd miss my bike at home. How wrong I was. Those machines really kicked my butt. My legs were hurtin' ALL DAY LONG! Oh and thank goodness for the towels and the cup holders. I have read about interval training but I have never really tried except for when I used to run. I did the interval program on this machine and it was tough.

The second day I went to the fitness room at 5:30am and this is after drinking with Patsy and Jane until midnight. There was an someone on my machine so I had to try out the elliptical machine instead. How lame right? NOT! I would recommend the Radisson fitness centers to anyone. Luckily the recumbant bike machine was free after 20 minutes on the elliptical.

Summary: no excuses for any of our travelling siblings. Get your butts out of bed and down to the fitness rooms. Oh and if available, try the Radisson. They have Sleep Number beds and great fitness centers.

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