Sunday, October 12, 2008

40 miles in the wind!

Hey, you know what I remember most about last year's Outlaw 100? It's the wind, the really strong windefaultd. Today was a lot like that and after my recent Steiner Ranch ride I feel like there is no avoiding the wind in Williamson County in October. I installed aerobars recently and have really enjoyed taking some of the pressure off my shoulders but also these things really allowed me to cut through the wind a little better when I didn't have to fight it.

I saw some beautiful sights today. First I saw a giant llama -- that was unusual. Sorry but no photo. A few miles later I rode around the back of a building that was next to a ranch and saw about 100 monarch butterflies enjoying a row defaultof wildflowers. I went down a County Road that I thought would take me past the cows that scared me on a recent ride but instead I found a wounded deer laying on the side of road. It was hard to see at first as it blended it with the brush and it was in the shade. It stared at me as I rode by and as I circled around again and again she turned her head, watching me. I called Patsy for help because I didn't like the idea of it dying there. As I pedaled off for the last time, I saw her lay her head down and I assume her time was fading. Patsy got in touch with Texas Parks and Wildlife and I hope that they made it in time to save her. I turned in tdefaulto check out the Preserve, a gorgeous community. These homes must be near a million dollars. They were absolutely amazing. I saw lots of healthy happy deer running in this neighborhood and I could hear little animals scurrying in the grass. On my way back out to the highway I saw horses being followed by donkeys.

It was a lovely ride and I wanted to keep going but then I remembered the Cowboys were playing so all of a sudden I wished that I was home. I inhaled my snacks and chugged my water hoping that it would give me the energy I needed to get home in a hurry. I got home, showered, dressed, made a protein smoothie and sat down just in time for the second half. Whew! I'm pooped.

My first 63 mile ride is coming up in 6 days. The plan is to cut back on the training and add to the energy reserves. I'm eating healthy all week and hope to store in my body the stuff I need for a long long ride.

Sweet dreams. I'm off to bed.

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