Thursday, March 17, 2011

From 2009 Windy Terrace

It’s so nice to see Spring again! Cyclists like me are definitely out there and enjoying this beautiful Central Texas weather. SXSW is coming to a close, daylight savings time has kicked in, schools are out for spring break and ahhhh, we will soon see some beautiful wildflowers lining up and down our highways.

A lot is going on, I know. I can sometimes hear the stress in your voice when I call. Take a moment to relax and breathe. Today I walked out onto the office patio and just enjoyed the breeze while I waited for the coffee to finish brewing. It was a quick recharge and it felt great!

The best part about my job building relationships with people like you. I work my tail off for you but I love a chance of just listening to you over a good cup of coffee. I’m here for you.

Have a great weekend. Call me when you get a chance and let’s talk.


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