Monday, October 19, 2009

Hey, I'm back!

Man have I been away for a while. Training for my first century ride became such a serious effort at the same time as my preparing for black belt testing that I was just overwhelmed and exhausted. Now I find myself slowing down and reading other people's blogs rather than keeping up my own momentum. Ugh, time to get back in the saddle Carle!!

I posted some pics on Facebook from the ride. It was quite an experience for me and thankfully my first Hotter N' Hell was gorgeous. I still broke a sweat but it was nothing compared to what most folks expect from this event. A record 14,200 cyclists showed up for this ride and that is a HECK of a lot more fellow riders than I am used to sharing the roads with.

The best part of the ride? I was happy to see the finish line ~ REALLY HAPPY!! I ruined a shoe recently during a 70 mile training ride in the rain but I had no idea how it would effect my foot. During the last few rest stops I had to pull off the shoe and stretch because I was experiencing some real pain. At the end I was so completely exhausted but I mustered just enough energy to race Kevin across the line. We could hear people clapping but when the announcer recognized our efforts and the applause got louder it made the race across the finish one of the BEST experiences of my life. I coasted underneath some sprayers but that was not enough to wash the salt from my body. I washed up in the bathroom and then found my way to a massage table.

On my way back to Austin I fantasized about how many other centuries I would ride before the season ended. Reality = zero! I am still riding but 35 miles is enough for now. My goal is to keep it up through the winter.

How are you doing?

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  1. Welcome back Carle! Congrats on your first century, nice job. Finished my first 1/2 century here in Wisconsin. People kept telling me they gave me alot of credit for doing it on a mountain bike - maybe I should try it on a roadie next time. Great pics on facebook (feel free to add me as a friend if you'd like - Craig M. Seider). Weathers starting to turn here so I'll be forced to my stationary bike again. Keep pedaling!