Monday, September 22, 2008

Me? Using Rollers?

So you might be wondering, with Amy and Sabrina gone, how can I watch the kids and train at the same time? Roller-Inside.jpgWell I admit, it sure aint easy. In fact, looking up to see anything is a challenge. I tried it for ten minutes this morning and was just too afraid that I would fall and die or at least fracture something, while they slept. I tried it again after coming home from work this evening but this time I took it outside so that I could "listen" to them play.

It was a good night here at the Aldrete house. Sydni and I read together, Tristan learned how to take pictures with my phone and I dripped sweat on the driveway - and on my bike. Now I know what this thing is for. We ate lasagna and garlic bread followed by a frozen juice bar. Finally we knocked out homework, Tristan practiced Heartbreak Hotel on his guitar and I got them to bed - a little later than I wanted to but it went well and Sydni said that she was happy and proud of me.

Back to the driveway workout, my neighbors were thoroughly confused. People slowed down to look at me and sRoller-Outside.jpgee what I was doing. The metal drums made a bit of squeal when spinning and the faster I went the louder they got. John came over and gave me that look that Eddie gave every portrait photographer as a child. Kind of like that confused Scooby Doo look and sound. Well, I may look balanced and comfortable in this photo but it took a lot of work not to fall off of there. I wish that this thing was about a foot wider and a whole lot quieter.

How about you guys, how you doing?


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